Button at the end of RecyclerView


Hi, I´ve been trying, with no success, to add a button at the or final position of ReyclerView. I´ve found some examples on the web such as: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28978038/add-a-button-or-any-element-after-the-last-recyclerview-element-android.

I´ve tried the solution given at this site but I get an error when returning a +1 on the getItemCount() method.

Has someone tried this?


I got it working but probably not in the way I wanted. I added a view below the RecyclerView and now the button shows below the RecyclerView and not within… I guess its okay but I wanted to see if I could add a button within the Recycler…


And finally got it working the way I wanted. The recycler view now has a last element as a button. If anyone wants help on this, Msg me.


Could you share code. I would like to see


Please show the code jenrique.cerda …


can you share it plz?