Buttons don't show up


Yes I have linked the buttons to the file owner.

The view takes a chunk of the slideable view just above all the items, but there are no buttons present. Pressing in the emptiness doesn’t either yield any results. Does anyone suffer from a similar problem. I had the same problem when running the previous project notification and rotation. That time I just used the solutions provided by BigNerdRanch and worked from that. This time the solution for chapter 11 homepwner won’t run. So I kind of run out of options. I have done everything that it says in the book, maybe there is some compatibility problem with xcode 4.2?

Best Regards,
Benjamin Waye


For anyone hitting the same gutter, the reason why the buttons don’t show up even if you did link them to the ViewController is maybe because you lowered the Alpha of the view to 0. :blush:

When making the background transparent follow the books method otherwise the buttons will also go transparent.