Buttons Should Be Borderless?


Got the following error typing in the first section of code, Figure 1.2:

(Not sure if png is visible, but it said Buttons in button bars should be borderless??)



Following their suggestion removes the warning.

Is there somewhere an Errata page for the 2nd edition of the book?

Thanks, Jerry


This is just a lint warning and you should take some of those with a grain of salt. Some lint warnings are great, others are making assumptions about your code due to lint’s limited ability to understand more than a few lines of code.

This warning is saying that your buttons should be displayed in a different style than the default style because they are in a row. This may be true in some cases, but definitely not true in most. I personally don’t agree with this warning and our intent in the book is for the buttons to show up in the normal style.

So, this is just a stylistic thing. Try removing the borderless style from one of the buttons so that you can compare the two styles and use the one that you like best.