Can I change an app bundle identifier


I was unable to generate the app id com.bignerdranch.Nerdfeed (already in use).
So I generated one with my own com.whatever.Nerdfeed.
Now I run up against a bundle identifier mismatch with the application.

Is there a way to change the bundle identifier of an existing project?
That is, I want to change it from

I tried changing the string on the target “Info” tag page .
It is willing to let me type in a different name over “bignerdranch”, but if I leave
the tab and come back, it reverts to com.bignerdranch…


Like most problems I run into, the answer was trivial.
Once you know how!
In case you have run into the same problem getting the application ID and
you’ve chosen one of your own…

To change the bundle identifier, edit the name in the file
which I found in the Xcode supporting files folder.
To see that change I had to close the project and then reopen it.