Can not find fr.lproj/Localizable.strings


When I created the RaisMan project with Xcode 4, Xcode created the project in the following directories

And it stored the file in the following directory

When I created the Localize.strings file for the en.lproj, I specifyed that the file should be saved in the folder

But, when created the Localize.strings file for the french localization by creating the french variant with the File inspector, it created the file in the following filer

While when I created the French variant of the XIB file, it was properly saved in

So, when I was running the RaisMan application with french localization, the text in the main windows were in french but the alert show just “REMOVE_MSG”, “REMOVE_INF”, “REMOVE”, “CANCEL”, certainly because it never find the string file for the french localization. I tried to manually move the file to the correct folder but then, obviously, Xcode did not find any more the file. I did not find any way to inform Xcode 4 that the file has changed path (while if I remember well, it was possible in Xcode 3)

How can I solve this problem. Actually, the only solution I find was to follow the same procedure as when I created the string file for the english project but saving the file in the folder

Is their any better solutions ?


See my post about that here: viewtopic.php?f=188&t=6020

I had to use a workaround… No idea why, but I had the same issue… My fix worked nicely :slight_smile: