Can not see the blue arrows on the line(numbers)


I followed the directions on page 344, and I made the line numbers shown. But I do not see any blue arrows or icons and code paths as shown in Figure 21.3 Expanded Analysis.
I use Xcode 4.2.1.

How do I make blue arrows and code paths in the source file and on the line number?

Thank you.


Somehow, after I added the following codes according to the instructions on page 345, the blue arrows show in the source file line number.

  • (int)numberOfLines
    int count;
    if (linesInProcess && completeLines)
    count = [linesInProcess count] + [completeLines count];
    return count;

It is strange. I do not know why. Even after I took out the above code again for testing, the blue arrows show with no problem.