Can someone please clarify these Challenges



In reading the 3 parts of the challenge at the end of Chapter 5, I’m a little confused as to what I want to accomplish.

For the first part, I understand that wahat I want to do is make a change so that the result from the “Show Answer” button continues to be displayed after you rotate the device. But exactly what type of changes needs to be made to parts 2 and 3.




Well, that’s part of the challenge, isn’t it?

Some more hints:

1- If mIsCheater gets cleared on rotation, to fix it you’ll need to preserve it across rotation somehow.

2- To keep the user from simply spinning around to the same question again, you will need to store a value of mIsCheater that is specific to each question.

Good luck! It may also be helpful to see other people’s solutions here.



I get it now. Thanks for the clarification.