Cannot bind keys to array controller


This must be a really stupid problem. Cannot see what I am doing wrong.
Everything has gone really well, setting the bindings etc etc.
BUT I cannot bind the add and remove buttons to the Depts array controller.

Ctrl-Click from the button and move over to the array controller and no highlight - nothing!

Any reason the array controller may not be highlighting.

(Using Xcode 4.2.1 on Lion 10.7.2)
Thanks in advance


Are you sure you have the button selected, and not the Button Cell? Check in the Jump Bar at the top of the Interface Builder editor before you control-drag.



Most definitely was using the button not the cell.

Have made it work now by binding the button to the array controller BEFORE renaming the class to Depts or whatever. So now wondering if I am renaming it correctly. It seems that once I rename the class, it doesn’t know it is an NSArrayController?

Thanks for the reply.

EDIT: OK I was editing the class name (like and idiot) rather than setting the label.
Thanks anyway. Sorry about that.