Cannot create BOOL... again


When I push the “new” button to add a department

[quote]2013-11-01 20:11:17.926 Departements[10188:303] Cannot create BOOL from object Relationship ‘employees’ on managed object (0x100211470) <Department: 0x100211470> (entity: Department; id: 0x1002114d0 x-coredata:///Department/tF065064B-054E-45CC-A38D-B23123BDCFB93 ; data: {
deptName = nil;
employees = (

I deleted the files under
~/Library/Autosave Information

I verified the binding and the xcdatamodel, …
I’m now searching for 2 hours.

NB: The app is name “departement” with an e between t and m.
If you have any idea, I will be very happy !
[EDIT] I took the files department.xib and later the mydocument.xcdatamodeld from Adam, to copy them in my own directory but I always get the same message…

I found the reason of the problem. But the most important is how I found it.
xib files contains xml, so we can edit them.
I made a gvimdiff of my DepartmentView.xib and the adam’s one.
This was easy to find the difference on some bindings.

But we can be afraid on how to solve the problem if we don’t have the correct file !

A functionnality to add to xcode : the ability to get a bindings list from an xib file (something like the lists we have in the book)