Cannot create bool?


When I try launching my completed project I receive the following error:

Cannot create BOOL from object <_NSControllerObjectProxy: 0x101a46130> of class _NSControllerObjectProxy

This shows up twice, leading me to believe that I’ve got two incorrect bindings. I’ve tried cleaning the project and have double checked my bindings and cannot find an error. Has anyone else run into this?

Thanks for the help!


Yep. Me too. The bool seems to be related to setting the font to bold so I got rid of that binding (since bolding the font is a cosmetic extra). But that does not solve my problems fully. When it runs the title of the box is 'Details for <_NSControllerObjectProxy:0x100657e10>. Then if I press Add, it throws an exception because NSImageCell’s object value must be an NSImage.

I think the problem is to do with the state when the array is empty or treating the null terminator of the array as an object, and not being able to cope with the uninitialised objects. If I were writting code I would be adding nil checks, but in this core data environment I have no idea what to try next