Cannot download the course resources zip file

Hi there,
I just got to access the ebook today. I read the Introduction section, and it mentioned that the readers can download the course resource zip file from​solutions/​, however, when I tried to download the zip, I got the 404 Not Found error message. I am wondering if the url is wrong or something else.

Has the 7th edition been released yet? I can’t find it online anywhere, although the BNR website says April 2020.

A week ago, they posted in response to someone asking about it on FB, “Due to all the uncertainty in the world, we’ve had to push our date back just a bit. Right now we’re scheduled for release on May 9th.”

Ah, understandable. Many thanks.

Yes, they have. However, it is an ebook from

The book has also been released on O’reiley Safari - course resource zip file is still not available, as of April 30, 2020.

I found this useful. Looks like it was from the last edition but should be ok for some chapters until that zip is uploaded somewhere.

Hi, all! Thank you for your patience. The resources and solutions are now live at

Great. Finally it is available. :slight_smile: I just downloaded it.

The course content is downloaded as a zip file, which includes the HTML!