Cannot follow book with Xcode 5.0


I finally decided to join the ios developers program. i downloaded xcode 5.0. started reading the 3rd edition of the ios book and began to do the first example Quiz. Got to the point about select the QuizViewController.xib file and there is no QuizViewController.xib file. Don’t know how to add the xib file. Any help would be appreciated.



That’s under NDA so we can’t really talk about it publicly. You can download 4.6 and use that, maybe even be able to install both simultaneously to test. Or ask in the Apple Dev Forums.


Yep, we can’t say much about iOS 7 or XCode 5’s features.

More to the point, you shouldn’t be teaching yourself iOS development on beta software anyway. Stick to the current version of XCode 4 until 5 gets out of beta - the book works fine on current, production-level XCode.


Hello, I’d like to revive this topic, please. I’ve got your Third Edition and Xcode 5.0.1 is the current release.

Is there a general-purpose workaround to get XIB files instead of storyboards, so that I can follow the book?

Thanks a bunch for the best books around.