Can't find on Android Studio 4.0.0

I’ve seen similar issues in the forums, but not quite.

These are the ones I checked, but the steps on those didn’t help me solve the problem.

I’m using Android Studio 4.0, (Build #AI-193.6911.18.40.6514223, built on May 20, 2020) and

Under GeoQuiz/app/build/generated, I have ap_generated_sources, res and source directories.

find . -name "R.*" on the project root directory showed me:

Also, Ctrl+click on top of R in R.layout.activity_main does nothing.

I’m having no compilation errors whatsoever, so I can continue following the book. However, I surely would appreciate extracting from it all I can.

Any further information can be given.

Thanks in advance!

Have you read through this post related to the changes of the process

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Oh, I didn’t. Probably because it relates to Android Studio 3.6. I don’t think I searched for that specifically.
Well, thanks for the information!