Can't find text views to bind to table cell view!


At location 3735 in the Kindle version (what was wrong with simple page numbers?), the table asks us to bind the values of Col 0 Image View, Col 0 Text Field, Col 1 Text Field, and Col 2 Check Box to Table Cell View. Image View and Check Box were no problem, but here’s the hierarchy I have:

Table Column - Make/Model
-Table Cell View
–Image View
—Image Cell
–Static Text - Table View Cell
—Text Field Cell - Table View Cell
—Text Field Cell - Text Cell

Column 1 has the same basic structure. But there are no Text Fields anywhere! There are Text Field Cells, but you’re very careful to warn us not to bind to cells. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?

Thanks ahead of time, and despite my frustrations I’m really loving working through this book.


It is the Static Text object. Try binding to it.

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Whoops. Turns out I bound the NSArrayController to the wrong thing early on… Back to the drawing board.