Can't take pic or select photo in popover - ios 6


The popover I get on an iPad and in the simulator both are different than the modal image picker and not functional. For the camera, the popover shows two of the switch-camera rotate buttons, one at the top and one in the bar at the bottom, and no button to take the photo. Using the volume control as a shutter release doesn’t take a photo either. When I force the photo picker on the hardware, the popover looks different from the modal view and although there is a “Use” button for a selected photo in a bar at the top of the popover, touching it doesn’t do anything. Simulator does the same thing.
This is with iOS 6 on the hardware and simulator.
Anybody have a clue what I’ve done (or not done)?


Did you attempt to implement the overlay view? I had exactly the same problem when I called [imagePicker setCameraOverlayView:crosshairs]; with a custom view that painted crosshairs. I took that line out and the UIImagePicker worked correctly.


That was the problem. Thanks.

Nothing in the documentation suggests that cameraOverlayView doesn’t work with a popover. A posting on believes it to be a bug in iOS 6. Another iOS mystery.