Cell label background off-colour?



I’ve run through the chapter fine, and everything functions correctly. One this that seems to have gone awry is the background colour of the labels on the contentView - whereas the table background seems to be a very slight grey (RGB = 247), the labels have a plain white background. A portion of a screenshot of the simulator is here:

(I added the black on the bottom for illustration, with labels to point out the colours - this picture has my fix below on the valueLabel for demonstration).

I’ve found I can fix this by setting the UILabel background explicitly:

[nameLabel setBackgroundColor:[UIColor colorWithRed:(247./255.) green:(247./255.) blue:(247./255.) alpha:1.0]];
but this seems rather hackish and doesn’t seem to be mentioned at all in the book. Am I missing something, or perhaps there has been a change in the transition to iOS 5 and XCode 4.2 that I am not accounting for somehow?

Edit: I found that setting:

in initWithStyle:reuseIdentifier: fixes the issue neater (tried this but with nil, which apparently didn’t work) but am still not sure why it appears to not be necessary for the book.


The solution is using the clear color. It might be the default settings in your XIB file that change the color to something else - I don’t see the same thing on my machine.


Thanks - good to know I appear to be doing the right thing.