CGRect and other Core Graphics functions


So in this chapter we’re encouraged to use Apples documentation to find out all the useful stuff we can do with CGrect, CGContext, etc

How do we find this info in the documentation?
It seems unless you know all the CG… Functions, there is nomway to see all functions in documentation.

Can anyone help with this?
Inwould like to understand exactly how objects are drawn on the screen and what makes a circle, a circle.

Thanks all


Change the Find Options to use the “Prefix” search and then type in CG into the search box. You’ll get every type and function that begins with CG. That should narrow it down some, then you’ll see that there are CGPathAdd* and CGContextAdd* functions that allow you to add arcs, curves, rects, ellipses, etc. Those are the ones you are looking for.


That’s exactly what I needed. I believe I will understand this chapter better now. Thanks !!