Ch 15, p. 301 Row Height and Thumbnails Out of Focus


Can anyone help with this?

As part of my gold task I am trying to resize the cell so that when the image is enlarged all fields can still be seen.

The row height is fixed (when using IB) but I managed to change it by adding the line to ViewWillAppear:

// Added to increase row height
self.tableView.rowHeight = 100;

but now the output doesn’t look like XIB file. Why can’t I get all three fields on the output?

Where can I go to find some info to fix this?

Thanks in advance.


I have partly resolved this issue. I checked our book to the advice at other web sites. The self.tableView.rowHeight = 100; does work.

When I went back to Size Inspector for HomepwnerItemCell and unticked “custom” for the row height, it all corrected itself. The code was correct just got carried away clicking on boxes and not truly understanding what the code was doing.

BUT now the thumbnail images (80x80) are out of focus. Does anyone know how to fix that?

Thanks in advance again.



OK, don’t why this is the case but when I import images from the net into iOS Simulator they are out of focus when converted to thumbnails. When I use the camera on the phone, the thumbnails are fine.

Does anyone know why this is so?

Thanks in advance



My guess is that the image you downloaded was smaller than 80x80, or was originally out of focus. Did you download a thumbnail from the net?

If you download a higher quality picture, it should be fine. I saw the same thing on my app when I originally did it. Some pictures downloaded were great, and others weren’t…depending on what exactly I downloaded.


Hi pedwards

Thanks for that. I assumed that when I picked up the thumnails from a well known camera company site they would be high quality images. The full images were located elsewhere.