Challange issue


I can’t get my challenge to recognize locationManager. [error reads: Undefined symbols for architecture i386: “OBJC_CLASS$_CLLocationManager”, referenced from: objc-class-ref in MapViewController.o]

I’ve created MapViewController (subclass of UIViewController) and moved the “location code” here which used to be in WhereamiAppDelegate. (I see others here have done this with success.) It doesn’t matter where I place the code as soon as I try to allocate the locationManager the app crashes.

I’ve incorporated the relevant protocol declarations in MapViewController.h as well the variable declarations from WhereamiAppDelegate (including that for locationManager).

I don’t think this next part should matter to my error but then again. I’ve also created a MapViewController.xib and configured it with a view, map view, text field and activity indicator. I’ve made sure its owner is MapViewController. (I think I’ve made proper connections although I’m unsure about Files Owner > Referencing Outlets > delegate being connected to Text Field and Map View. That is, I don’t know if I’ve made MapViewController a proper delegate.)

Thanks for any help,


Silly question but…have you added the CLLocationManager framework to the app (on the Build Phases tab) ?


Yes, a very sill question indeed. After I added the frameworks it worked like a charm. Thank you much!



Super! Happy to help.