Challenge 2 problem


When I press add employee, I get this error:

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while and I’m completely at a loss.

I’m really confused :blush:


I didn’t have the identifiers set on the table columns.

It took me a couple hours sitting away from the computer in disgust to figure out what was going on.

Awesome book, thanks :slight_smile:


The setting of identifiers of the columns was not previously mentioned at all as far as I can tell from previous chapters. This too had me stumped for several hours until I just happened to be going through the different inspectors with one of the table columns selected to see if there was anything I missed and stumbled into the Identity Inspector and saw the Identifier label and textfield. Hopefully this oversight will be corrected in the next edition.


I wonder if this is an Xcode version problem. I’m on 4.3.2, never saw this problem, and the identifiers (whatever they are…) are set to “automatic”.


Oops, sorry, I just noticed this challenge doesn’t use the magic! We are told about identifiers on page 135 of the 3rd edition, the hints about how to start this challenge: “You will set the identifier…”