Challenge Accessory views


Not sure if this approach was what was implied with the challenge but it’s the road I took.

I put a right bar button on itemViewController that toggles a state IVAR.

Then in HomepwnerItemCell added some logic branching to handle the two different states.
state 0 - Show Name and Value
state 1 - Show Serial and Date

Where I get tripped up is:
How can I get the itemViewController state IVAR value from inside of HomepwnerItemCell.m
I though about passing it as a parameter but I feel like there’s a better way that I’m missing?



The hint to it was the ‘Accessory Views’. Check out the properties for the HomepwnerItemCell super class (UITableViewCell). Hope that helps :smiley:


Thanks I totally went in the wrong direction.


I’m still struggling with this. Are you subclassing HomepwnerItemCell for the accessory view? If not then what logic are you using to swap out the serial and date created frames?

Thanks in advance,