Challenge: More Animation


Hi all,

I’m confused by the challenge. Is this a typo?

“As another challenge, after the CurrentTimeViewController view slides onto the screen, have the What time is it? button slide in from the other direction.”

The view controllers are managed by a UITabBarController so the CurrentTimeViewController doesn’t slide onto the screen, it just appears when you select a different tab bar item.

So was the intention for this challenge to:

  1. Create an animation to slide the button in from the side
  2. Create an animation to slide the button in from one side and a transition to slide the view controller in from the other side.

If it’s #2, on what layer would you set the CATransition animation? If it’s the UITabBarController view’s layer, the whole screen transitions (including the tab bar) which doesn’t look very good. It seems like it would be pretty complicated to just get the view controller area to transition and I don’t think transitions are really recommended with UITabBarControllers from a usability standpoint so that’s why I’m wondering if this is a typo.



Yeah, that’s a typo. I blame Aaron - I couldn’t possibly be responsible for a typo… :wink:

The intention was #1, kick off an animation in viewWillAppear: to slide in just the button.