Challenge Questions


What is this for in the solution?

- (Document *)document { return (Document *)[[[self window] windowController] document]; }
What is the purpose of the code in Document class? Is that just for saving and undoing? If so, if you didn’t care about saving and undoing could you just not put in code in Document.h and Document.m?
When you put this:

How does the color object receiving this communicate this to the NSBezierPath class? I don’t see where the NSBezierPath ever gets set to this color.

Overall I found this to be too challenging for me. I don’t really get why we need to Document based application since we just did something very similar without it. I also don’t see how MVC fits into this since we are using a subclass of NSView to do everything, and I thought that we should have some type of ‘model’ object. Also, what’s our controller in the solution? Is it the OvalView, the Document, are something setup in IB?