Challenge: ReverseGeocoder error



I’m getting the following error (in simulator) after starting the ReverseGeocoder:

/SourceCache/ProtocolBuffer_Sim/ProtocolBuffer-26/Runtime/PBRequester.m:523 server returned error: 503
2010-05-15 06:40:28.933 whereami[511:207] Could not reverse: Error Domain=PBRequesterErrorDomain Code=6001 “Operation could not be completed. (PBRequesterErrorDomain error 6001.)”

I’ve read that some folks are getting this at certain times of the day due to google throttling the service.

Should I try again later or could I be doing something wrong ?




Well tried it a few hours later and it’s working fine (with no code change).

Hopefully this will help anyone else with the same problem.

Now onto the changing the Map Type…