Challenge: Selecting the Make/Model text field


I managed to complete the challange and make/model column is correctly selected when a new record is created.

However, the image field of the column is selected upon creation of a record.

What I would like to know is; how would you go about selecting the text field in the column upon creation of a record (or did i do something wrong altogether?!)


Confirm you have the following tree hierarchy:

-Scroll View - Table View
[b]--Table View
---Table Column - Make / Model [i][NB thats what I labelled it][/i]
----Table Cell View
-----Image VIew
-----Static Text - Table View Cell
[/b]----Text Field Cell - Text Cell

Make sure that the Image View and Static Text - Table View Cell are in the same column. If they are in separate columns, i.e.

Image = Col 0
Make & Model = Col1

Change your code accordingly to something like:

[tableView editColumn:1 row:row withEvent:nil select:YES];

If they were both in the same column i.e. in the example of hierachy which I have, then the code would appear something like:

[code] [tableView editColumn:0 row:row withEvent:nil select:YES];