Challenge tough


I’m finding this challenge a little tough and was wondering if someone could give me a slight push in the right direction, as I really want to complete this big bad boss. I’m basically stuck on how to incorperate them all together into a tool, ie what does that tool have to do, if anything, or can they be all arbitrarily thrown in doing their own thing independently.

I’m thinking array and dictionary will be more or less written as is on page 173, string and date will be used to read/or write to a file somewhere, date, integer, and floating point just chucked in somewhere, and boolean used as in page 154. I’m not too sure if this is right or how they could be weaved together to make a tool with a certain objective.


I thought along the same lines you did, and chose to implement an array (NSMutableArray) of fish objects (NSDictionary) - each of which contained a type (NSString), weight (NSNumber numberWithFloat:), count (NSNumber numberWithInt:), catch date (NSDate), some details (NSData). I’m stuck at how to implement a boolean into a dictionary :frowning:

EDIT: saw someone else use a NSNumber numberWithBool, that worked


Ah sweet, yeah thats helpful. For some reason I thought NSDictionary could only have a couple of values (its key and its value). Its good to know it can have more.

You could even have a bool saying ‘is it this type of/particular fish or not’. I think…