Change How Many Rows Show Up from RSS Feed in Table View


The exercise in this chapter will show 20 rows. How can I get it to show more? I’m confused about how it is stopping at 20.


The web service request asks for 20… there is a limit or count_limit argument in the request URL that you can change.


I’m using my own URL instead of the one in the book. It is from a wordpress feed and it’s only giving me 10. I don’t have all of the arguments that the URL has in the book. I’m just using


So, it looks like I’m only getting 10 because thats how many are on the first page of articles at

How can I get it to pull all of them from each page like the one I just mentioned and


The RSS feed is only returning 10 results because the website has the articles across multiple pages so the app is only getting the newest 10 from the first page. I’d like to get more than that. The URLs are and The feed URL is

My project can be found here: …