Chap 2 Getters and Setters section


Hello All.
I am new to Android Studio. I have successfully been able to follow the flow of the 1st and 2nd chapter and correctly done all the programming and have gotten my AVD up and running properly, but at this point in following the information I have a breakdown in Chap 2 Getters and Setters section.
I am using the Android Studio 1.10 which does not use Eclipse, therefore I cannot find the "Windows --> Preferences–> Java…
Preferences simply doesn’t exist. You cannot even Google this badboy.
Trying to use the “Help” section online is so unhelpful, and no search function there either.
Any help would be appreciated.



Hello All,

After much perusal I have discovered the answer to my question.

Using Windows 7 OS inside Android Studio:

Files --> Settings–> Code Style --> Java --> Code Generation.
Then the data can be entered.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the reference to the “Use ‘is’ prefix for Getters that return boolean”

But at least some progress has been made.