Class Not Found


Whenever I use step into to debug using Eclipse, I get trapped in Android/Java classes that were not mine.

A friend of mine told me that these issues are due to dependancies problem (?).

Although I some of the Classes could be avoided using: Windows > Preferences > Step Filtering, I still can not fully avoid some classes.

Besides all the default listed classes, I included: android.* and com.androi.*

Were there any other should I add?

Is there another workaround to avoid these Android/Java Classes?



One way to avoid this is to simply hit “Continue” or “Step out of” or “Step Over” debugging buttons. That way you only observe your code without stepping into external libraries. Not much to be gained from stepping through library sources as far as resolving issues with your own code.


I used to step back and step over, but sometimes I also get stuck in .jar library not found.

I seems that these issues appears due to some dependancies problems.