Class/subclass proterties/methods overview


In the example we use the property opacity. I asked myself how to get a quick overview on all possible
properties (methods) of a class and its subclasses (here NSView). Ok, I could look up any class/subclass in the
the documentation but this would be a burdensome way to do it. I am pretty sure that there is an easier way to solve this.
Maybe someone can help me in this issue. btw. I tried out AppKiDo, but it seems, that it can not really help me with that problem.



I’m not sure if this was your intent, but the “opacity” property used in this chapter’s exercise was one we created on StretchView, not a property of NSView.

As for viewing the full set of properties/methods available on an object, including superclasses, I’m afraid I don’t have a good solution, outside of relying on Xcode’s autocomplete. If you feel like digging into the Objective-C runtime you could write code to create the list for you. :slight_smile:


I think, I was a little bit weary, when I wrote this post and Xcode has played his part to make me think its a system property.
Nevertheless you have understood my question :slight_smile:

Hehe, that’s a challenging idea - maybe if I am more familiar with programming :wink:

Have a nice day


An additional clarification.
You are directed to bind the slider value to the stretchView.opacity property in Figure 18.5. However, you don’t reach the code to declare this property for 2 more pages. So you can’t bind it yet.
Similarly you are asked to use the StretchView image property in showOpenPanel although it’s not declared until the next page.
Yes, trivial but initially slightly confounding.