Coming from a C# background


Will I struggle with the iPhone programming. I am at chapter 9, but am managing so far just wondering if it was not a mistake to skip the Cocoa book?


The only benefit of reading the Cocoa book before the iPhone book is that you will have had that much more experience with Objective-C and the common design patterns that both the Mac and iPhone have.

That being said, the Cocoa book and iPhone book are most certainly standalone books. (i.e., the Cocoa book is not a precursor to the iPhone book in any way)


Great to hear thanks!


I’m fairly experienced at C# development, and having attempted both OS X and iOS development, I can say that it is worthwhile to read the Cocoa Programming book first to get a better understanding of the differences between the IDEs, the language syntax, and various other things. Besides, it is likely that if you’re developing an iOS app you may want to create an OS X counterpart eventually, so having a base understanding of Cocoa Programming on OS X will definitely help.


The Mono team have released a new bridge called MonoMac.

Mr. Miguel announced the new bridge on his blog here:

Once MonoMac matures, I think it will become the bridge people use.