Confused about createFragment()


when the app runs starts with CrimeListActivity .
CrimeListActivity extends SingleFragmentActivity
and next it implemends the abstract class CreateFragment().
my question is that since the SingleFragmentActivity is called
prior to the implementation of CreateFragment() how
this is possible to call fragment = createFragment(); since this is an abstract class?
i dont understand how do you call an abstract class when it hasnt implemented yet ??


I am having this same doubt too.
Thanks a lot for creating this thread.

Taki Singh


I am also looking for the same.

Pankaj Bishnoi

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i am also facing the same issue.
could you please share the best solution?

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I’m trying to solve the same issue. Thanks for the perfect solution.
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Thanks for solution.

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Dear team,

I was looking for the same issue.

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