Confusing chapter


did anyone else find this chapter really confusing? I’m kind of getting it now, but I feel that I’m confused on parts that don’t have to necessarily do with a tableview. I feel that setting up the items store and all that code is more confusing then it had to be, and should be put in a more advanced ios or objective c book and let the focus be more on the tableview part.


Super confused, dude!!! That’s why I’m here at 2AM


If you mentioned particular areas with which you are confused, then maybe someone could possibly help to clarify them for you.

The “parts that don’t have to necessarily do with a tableview” in this chapter are actually part of a bigger picture, which will become clear as you progress through the next few chapters.

I don’t know if this is the case with yourselves, however I would whole heartedly recommend reading a book on Objective-C before diving into one on iOS programming, as there will inevitably be areas with which you struggle if you don’t understand the fundamental concepts of the language behind what you are being taught.