Copy of project


How can i make a copy of the project?


Copy the (folder) that contains your project onto the pasteboard, paste, and rename.

Or from the command line:
cp -r


Select the folder in the finder and press CMD-D (duplicate).


When I just make a copy in Finder. I have problems getting it to compile. I am sure it involves importing files and resetting the target…which would be good to know…

But my workaround is to just use the Snapshot feature of Xcode. I create a snapshot before I do the challenges and after each challenge


Copying manually or in Finder should just work fine. Are you sure you are copying properly?


In finder, I’m making a duplicate of the top level folder that holds the .xcodeproj file and running that in Xcode.


This method of copying should work. There might be something funny with the project your are copying.
To debug this create a simple project, such as a Cocoa command line tool, from scratch and try copying that.


Thank you for the answers :wink:

If i run the copy, it have still the same name on my iPhone

Can i run the two versions on my iPhone? :blush:


In your copy, try changing the name of the target, that should create an app with a different name.