Copying and pasting new project


Hi all,

I am just starting this book and am sure I will be posting more later. I thought I would post a solution to a problem I had in case it helps anyone else. I had trouble with the first challenge because when I was copying/pasting a new project it seemed the “old” GeoQuiz kept running everytime I opened the new project. If anyone has this problem, click File --> Import Project and find the new project you created. This worked for me.


I had a bit of trouble getting a copy of the project working in Android Studio for the challenge section. After some noodling around an easy way is to:

  1. Use File Explorer to copy .\AndroidStudioProjects\GeoQuiz to a new folder, say .\AndroidStudioProjects\GeoQuizChallenge.
  2. Close the GeoQuiz project in Android Studio, this will leave you at the Welcome to Android Studio dialog.
  3. In this dialog choose “Import project (Eclipse, ADT, Gradle, etc)”. Then choose the .\AndroidStudioProjects\GeoQuizChallenge directory.
  4. This will open and throw an error about the IML files. Click OK to remove the files.
  5. In the right hand side open the Gradle menu. Select GeoQuizChallenge and then click the “Refresh all Gradle Projects” tool button in the top left of the Gradle projects window.

Now do a build and you should be back where you started, but using the new project location.