Copying method and ownership


HI there,
maybe someone could explain me a bit. The Copy section of this chapter is confusing a bit.
If I send some name to itemName property and it sets the property to the copy of the object, than what’s happening to the original object, who points to it and who’s the owner? Why would we need to make a copy and have two copies of the same objects with, in this case, two different item names?
Besides, if my synthesize method created a copy of the object automatically, how can I know their address and point to the first or second objects if I need to? What would happen if I do the setter method again? I’d get a third copy of the same object?
Maybe I’m missing the idea here… thanks anyone for explanation in advance.


You can reinforce your understanding of the fundamental concepts by reading about object ownership rules and also about how setter methods (of properties) should be implemented.

The following are worth reading:
Memory Management Programming Guide
The Objective-C Programming Language: Declared Properties


thanks, will try