Core Data Relationships


[code]I would like to create this basic app for the iPhone:

ViewA ViewB
TableA - Course<----------->>TableB objQuAnswer Array Object Per Row
Spanish Example Question/Answer Instance
Programming [objQuAnswer = Question + PotentialAnswers]
Science…Q: What is the Atomic Symbol for Gold? A1: “Ag”, A2: “Au”, A3: “Go”, A4: “Co”, A5: “Gold”, A6: “Gld”, A7: “G”, A(N): "Other"


How do I set this up?[/code]


I think you’re going to have to be much more specific about what you want. It has also been my experience that this forum is primarily for questions regarding the book, not one’s own app. I have posted several questions regarding things I’m working on independently of the book and have not received much help, which is ok by me. Or maybe the right folks just haven’t seen my questions. Either way you need to be more specific in your question.