Core location?


Just got a kindle version and jumped right in to look at Core location/MapKit chapter - Amazon’s book description says there has to be one - and where is it?
Thank you for the book.


It was covered in the 3rd edition but I’m pretty sure it is not in this one. Correct me if I’m wrong.


It’s in the book description at Amazon - 4th edition.
Yes, it was covered in the 3-rd edition which is sort of outdated - didUpdateToLocation: fromLocation: - as example.


Hi all,
I contacted Amazon regarding misguiding book description and been offered to get money back. I won’t do that because your books and general efforts to teach us iOS Programming are the best around. And the book itself - no matter if i haven’t read it yet - must be awesome like the rest of your books. But please, correct the book description at Amazon and maybe you can find ways to add/update Core Location/MapKit frameworks’ chapters? As a separate topic here?
Thank you.