Could Have Been 3 Chapters


This chapter is frustrating. There are heaps of new information, and the amount of glossing over is frustrating. As well, re-writing Homepwner to use CoreData is a great example of real-world programming but it limits the practical application of Core Data, therefore limiting what can be learned (I, for one, would have liked to have seen NSPredicate better explained…) and uses up brain power on refactoring and re-tooling the app instead of learning the new concepts, of which there are many and which aren’t light. In terms of information load and time needed to complete this chapter, it could have easily been 3 chapters.

It’s a shame because the Objective-C book had such a perfect pace, while this one can be infuriating at times.


Core Data is big, it deserves a book of its own.

However, reading Apple’s Core Data resources first will definitely alleviate the pain.