Crash in the SpeakLine example



First I would like to thank you for this wonderful book !
I’m facing an issue at the end of the program when I’ve added the code for the “awakeFormNib” method :

-(void)awakeFromNib { NSString *defaultVoice = [NSSpeechSynthesizer defaultVoice]; NSInteger defaultRow = [_voices indexOfObject:defaultVoice]; NSIndexSet *indices = [NSIndexSet indexSetWithIndex:defaultRow]; [_tableView selectRowIndexes:indices byExtendingSelection:NO]; <-- here's the line that generate the error [_tableView scrollRowToVisible:defaultRow]; }
When I build and run I’ve got this error : Thread 1 : programm received signal "SIGARBIT"
I’m running xcode 4.2 on SnowLeopard.

Thank you for your answer !