Crazy a$$ Error Wouldn't Clear


Spinning my wheels for the past hour and thought I would vent my frustration and fix…

Added the setThumbnailFromImage method from my original BNRItem.m file into the version Core Data made for me. Saved the file and built the project (didn’t run it) as suggested at the bottom of Page 439.

Got an Error from BNRDetailViewController.m on this line: [self.item setThumbNailFromImage:image]; - said the interface from BNRItem for setThumbNailFromImage didn’t exist. Went back, made sure I typed it in the header file, yup all there. Checked BNRItem.m to make sure the syntax was correct, check… Cut all the text out from the method, saved and built it again - same Error.

Finally after going back and forth I returned to BNRDetailViewController.m and commented out the offending line of code, retyped it right below it and hit Enter… no error from the precompiler. OK, saved the file and built the project - everything is fine now.


Running into so many of these little points where the precompiler looses track of what it’s checked and not checked, especially if you try to replace portions of an existing line of code. Much better off commenting out or deleting first, them retyping from scratch.

OK, I’m better (for now). Heading back to the book - hoping to complete it tonight and move onto Learning Core Data for iOS by Tim Roadley.

Mark H