Creating a foundation for beginners


Hello everyone, I have been interested in mobile development for the iPhone and iPad for some time now. When I first purchased this book, many months ago, I had some difficulty moving through the beginning chapters.

My background is with web development, mostly jQuery, XHTML, CSS, and some PHP. I have messed around with a bit of Python as well.

In short, should I just read a C primer and then move onto this book? What do you guys recommend for the absolute beginner?

I wanted to sign up for the beginning IOS training but it is all booked.

I’m determined to do this but I sometimes lose focus very easily.


I would highly recommend reading Aaron Hillegass’s book Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. I am completely new to programming, an absolute beginner. It took me about 30 hours to work through Obj-C Programming working through all the code examples, doing all of the challenges, taking notes, and creating flashcards (in Anki), so it is not a huge time commitment and well worth the effort. I’m now 5 chapters into iOS Programming and not having any trouble with the Obj-C.

So start out by working through Obj-C Programming and then jump back into this book.

For a little more background, prior to Hillegass’s book, I read Chris Pine’s Learn to Program (which uses Ruby to teach the absolute basics of programming and is also excellent) and 50% of Head First Java, which I’m still working through. These three books are written for someone new to programming and new to the respective language. I think I may have missed a concept or two in Hillegass if I hadn’t already encountered them in Pine and HFJ as some of their explanations are a little more thorough. But Hillegass’s book is a fantastic introduction for someone new to programming and new to Obj-C. I’m thrilled that I stumbled across it and can’t recommend it more highly.