Creating CrimeListActivity


When I created CrimeListActity it placed it in src->(default package). I kept getting errors whenever I’d try to run saying that system was not able to find CrimeListActivity in my path. After a couple of hours of trying to debug I noticed where the code was placed. I dragged it to the main package and that got rid of that error.

Why’d it put it in src->(default package)? Is there something I dont have set up correctly?

Now when I run I get the Crimes screen for a couple of secs and then get “Unfortunately … has stopped”. Now I’m off to debug that.

I just wanted to post his in case anyone else might run into a similar problem.


If nothing is selected in the Package Explorer when you right click to create a new class, the package is set to nothing (default) unless you change it. It happened to me once too.


OK, great to know. So I should have selected my package! Might be a good thing to put in the book. I dont recall seeing that.