CrimeFragment is no longer a reusable building block


I don’t understand “the downside to direct retrieval” on page 195 and how fragment will be independent ???
And whose gonna use it again ???
I think it has a special purpose to display the crime information nothing else how it will become a reusable fragment ???


You’ll see in chapter 11.


If we get data into fragment from first method i.e. by calling getActivity().getIntent() … and all, we still do not require to change the code for CrimePagerActivity
as it will be having intent passed by CrimeListFragment so why newInstance(…) method ???

Ohhh I understood, correct me if I am wrong :
When we started CrimePagerActivity with particular intent then it will have the same intent until it is destroyed and recreated, CrimeFragment will show the same data for all the pages.
In second method we are creating a new Fragment with new data each time.
The pager’s default start position is 0 therefore it will always set the Crime #0 page as start. Here comes the role of intent passed by the CrimeListFragment which will be used to set clicked item page in page view.

Still if I don’t want to use newInstance(…) how to using the first method or anything different ?
And also where the first method will fail other than viewPager ?