Custom UITableViewCell and auto layout


While doing the Mega-Gold challenge I ran into problems when trying to use auto layout for a custom UITableViewCell. I am trying to mimic the display of the schedule on the BNR website.

I am trying to create a custom table cell using auto layout with a width greater than 320. I had no problems doing this with “struts and springs” but would like the control afforded me by using auto layout. I am using two xibs, one for iPhone and one for iPad so that is why I want one wider than 320. Also, I am using a group style UITableView.

My problems:

  1. IB seems to keep changing the size of the UITableViewCell on me while editing.
  2. If the width is anything other than 320, IB won’t allow the setup of “Trailing Space to Superview”. Basically, nothing happens.
  3. If I just try to keep to 320, the cells display outside of the group area. This doesn’t happen with “struts and springs”

Does anybody have any ideas how to accomplish this?