Dealloc Messages


I am using Leopard - 10.6.8 with XCode Version 4.2 (Build 4C199). I am trying the program on assigning assets to employees and deallocating them. Both “dealloc” and “description” methods are overridden in the Asset and Employee class. When I run the program - I do NOT see any messages on deallocation at all.

I googled and then when I tried to force turning on ARC in the Apple LLVM Compiler Language section “Objective-C Automatic Reference Counting” - the project won’t build and gives the following error:

ld: file not found: /Developer/usr/lib/arc/libarclite_macosx.a
Command /Developer/usr/bin/clang failed with exit code 1

What settings do I need to use?


Neither Leopard nor Snow Leopard can be used to compile code with ARC. You either have to adapt the code in the book to use older memory management schemes, get a Mac that has Lion, or ignore memory management for the purposes of this book, which should be ok, although this particular exercise won’t be useful.


If you were on Lion - which is an awesome upgrade by the way and completely worth $29 - you’d see those wonderful messages. In the meantime, just be satisfied that there are a lot of those messages that pop up in roughly the order you’d expect, ie the objects are dereferenced in a sequential cascade based on when they lose their owners. And be thankful we no longer have to release every object we alloc by hand.