Dealloc method on Lottery.m


In the sample code, when I send the release message to the array object,

for(LotteryEntry *entryToPrint in array) { // Display its contents NSLog(@"%@", entryToPrint); } [array release];

I expect the LotterEntry objects to get released and their dealloc method to be executed. This doesn’t happen in my case. The program execution just terminates. Is this normal?

I thought when the array object was released, it was supposed to walk through each object it points to and call the corresponding object’s dealloc method.

What am I missing?


How do you know they are not being released?

Do you mean that you are NSLogging from the dealloc method and the logs are not showing up on the console?



Correct. The samples in the book have you write to the NSLog in the dealloc method and those are never appearing.