Debugging issue


The debugger in my Eclipse installation appears to be configured incorrectly. I have set a break point in the GeoQuiz ap from the Android Programming book. There is only the one break point in the ap. The method is called at onCreate, and everytime I press the “Next” button in the ap. However, when I resume the debugging process after the first instance of the call, it seems to stop the debugging process. Does anyone have any idea why this might happen?



Well, onCreate is only going to be called once initially, until you rotate. If you set a breakpoint inside the OnClickListener for your Next button, you should see it hit the breakpoint each time you tap the button.


Thank you. I did figure it out though. I was setting a break point in updateQuestion. However, I had missed a change in the book to mNextButton that added an updateQuestion call and removed the code that that is in updateQuestion from mNextButton. Corrected that, and debug worked as expected.