Delay between 'touchesMoved' and 'touchesEnded'?



I’m playing around with the animations and the HypnoTime example.

I’m trying to throw the boxlayer (with same velocity and direction) once the user touches off it’s finger off the screen so I’ve added the ‘touchesEnded’ method to fire a timer which will compute the new position every 0.05 seconds.

What I’ve observed is that there is a delay of a 0.5 seconds from the ending of the ‘touchesMoved’ and the incoming of the ‘touchesEnded’ methods and this is a very bad effect because the boxlayer movement “stops and goes” when it is supposed to be a continuous.

Is there something else that I haven’t done? or may be is a problem with the simulator?





I’ve found the solution. I’know don’t what happens but it is something about the trackpad. With the mouse it works fine.


Here is where I saw the light: