Description and %@

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In this chapter under the topic of “Description and %@”, there is one sentence that I can’t figure it out.

What does it mean by “object pointed by the corresponding variable”?

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Perhaps this wasn’t worded very well.

It means that %@ is order-dependent just like %d, %s, etc.

That is, if you have three %@ tokens, each refers to a different (corresponding) object pointer in your comma-delimited list of arguments.

NSString *kohname = @“kohalex9”; NSString *mikeyname = @“Mikey”; NSLog(@“Hello, %@, my name is %@!”, kohname, mikeyname);

where mikeyname is the corresponding object pointer to the second %@ token.

Hi Mikey,

Well through your example, now I understand what the sentence is trying to say.
Really hope other users can learn from your example on this particular issue too.